Eva Angelova

Graphic design and illustration

NMP plan

everything I need to do for NMP:


illustrations + quotes

1 page website




thank you note?


2013/2014 in bullet points

Online presence:

  • Created a profile on Fiverr.com and managed to get to the highest level with 270 orders so far
  • Created a profile on Elance.com less than a month ago and I have already worked on 7 freelance projects I have been awarded there
  • Created a new portfolio at http://www.coroflot.com/e-angelova/portfolio
  • Have been updating my facebook, behance, deviantart and tumblr pages throughout the year
  • Created a list of agencies I would like to work for
  • Applied for a designer position in Saatchi & Saatchi Sofia
  • Created a portfolio website in Procon3

Freelance work and exhibitions:

  • Had my first illustration exhibition as part of a Klaxon Press event
  • Took part in sBaccara’s film
  • Created a brochure for the NGO Teach for Bulgaria
  • Entered the Orchard illustration competition
  • Visited a Henry Benson photography exhibition
  • Freelance illustration project for a client consisting 30 portrait pencil drawings
  • Freelance illustration project for Dario Black music artwork
  • Freelance illustration project for Praying hands illustration
  • Freelance illustration project for Easter figure designs
  • Freelance illustration project for Christmas coin designs
  • Freelance illustration project for Vintage looking space rocket illustrations
  • Freelance illustration project for Christmas coin designs
  • Freelance illustration project for Old fashioned T-shirts
  • Freelance illustration project for Law firm website illustrations
  • In talks for possible exhibitions in Berlin and in Sofia during the summer
  • Will be creating the branding for a local NGO United ideas for Bulgaria for their 3rd annual conference


  • Henry Benson photography exhibition
  • Manchester Art Gallery
  • FLIGHT exhibition at Soup Kitchen
  • Klaxon Press at Soho, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Ivan Dodov, Sofia, Bulgaria

Overall it’s been a very productive year and I can’t wait to graduate and see how many more design-related (and not only) exciting things will happen but before that NMP!